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Historical Background

The Center for Human Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (CHRDF) started as a training center commissioned by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in cooperation with the Philippine Association of Private Technical Institute (PAPTI) and the Don Bosco Center for Research and Training in 1994 to undertake short-term training programs for the enhancement of vocational, industrial, and technical skills of workers in government as well as private institutions all over the country.

In 1995, CHRDF ventured into the training of technical school administrators in the area of financial management in the Visayas and Mindanao. In 1997, CHRDF expanded its audience to include teachers and college instructors teaching Filipino when it conducted a seminar-workshop on "Pagtuturo ng Filipino sa Bagong Kalakaran" in cooperation with U.P. College (Baguio City) and in cooperation with RELC-DECS Region XI (Davao City). In 1998, CHRDF again expanded its audience to include teachers and college instructors teaching English when it conducted a seminar-workshop on ESP as an Alternative Approach to English Language Teaching for Globalization in cooperation with: Cebu Institute of Technology in Cebu City; the Association of Booksellers for the Academe and the Professions (ABAP) and with Davao Libarians Association (Davao City). Also in 1998, it conducted seminar-workshops for textbook and journal article writers working in the academe, corporate and industrial firms (Davao City).

Today, CHRDF with its pool of experts in various disciplines, is broadening its horizons by providing seminar-workshops and trainings for educators in all levels both in public and private schools, school administrators, deans, librarians, as well as the non-educators in general.


To be a training institution that is committed to imparting high-level knowledge to promote the professional and self-development of our participants for the benefit of themselves, their institution and the nation.


As an active part of nation building, the Center for Human Research and Development Foundation Inc. (CHRDF) exists to uplift the technical skills, intellectual capacity, moral and economic well-being particularly of the working class of the Philippine society.

As a non-stock, non-profit corporation, CHRDF is committed to upgrading the quality of job performance of teachers, instructors, professionals and para-professionals, vocational and technical instructors in public and private educational and business institutions by offering a full-range of affordable and high-quality training programs backed by research, publications and information.